The End We Start From

Megan Hunter. Pan Macmillan. (144p) ISBN 9781509843985

The End We Start From
The End We Start From
This is the first time I’ve come across the term cli-fi when describing a genre of fiction, I’ve usually classified books I’ve read about climate change disaster as speculative fiction, but cli-fi is much better.

The End We Start From follows the female protagonist through a sudden climate incident which sees London, and by inference, much of the south of England flooded just as she has given birth to Z.

It follows them through a series of encounters invoolving the break down of society as the situation worsens, and eventually toward a possible resolution, both personal and bigger.

I really enjoyed the episodic nature of Megan Hunter’s writing, it suited this story, telling diary-sized snippets from the life of the main protagonist, and the ever complicating life she was leading to keep her and her child safe and nurtured.

Though it is short, ‘The End We Start From’ packs a real punch, exploring emotions and interpersonal relationships in the face of adversity.

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