How To Be Right In a World Gone Wrong

James O’Brien. Ebury Publishing. (240p) ISBN 9780753553121

How To Be Right In a World Gone Wrong
How To Be Right In a World Gone Wrong
This is another book I read absolutely ages ago and have just got around to getting a review out for.

During the Brexit debacle I watched James quite a bit on YouTube, finding him funny and astute without being really unkind to people he disagreed with and wanted to read about how he came to this conclusion on how to deal with debate whilst still staying on point.

I wasn’t disappointed, with great clarity James boils down the arguments in various areas such as Brexit, Political Correctness (would be the term ‘woke’ now), and Trump showing what the facts are, not opinions and in doing so sets a challenge to those on the opposite side of the ‘debate’ to prove these facts wrong.

He’s always said he is willing to change his mind when facts are presented that makes a previous stance wrong and has done so, and apologised for being wrong when shown to be.

A fun read, but also an important read, remember the facts and keep calm whenever you see these various forms of illiterate thinking on what some want to turn into emotional areas that are ruled by opinion.

Still to read his follow up to this, but I’m looking forward to it.

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