The November Witches

Jennifer Claessen. UCLan Publishing. (322p) ISBN: 9781915235701
The November Witches
The November Witches

The November Witches picks up from where The October Witches leaves off with all the magic left and November being a non-magic month.

We follow Clemmie and the Merlyn coven into a month where there shouldn’t be any magic, especially since the magic escaped and disappeared at the end of October.

We see how the two Morgans, Kerra and Senara fit into Merlyn house and human world. Though not for very long as something has gone wrong and there must be magic around that hasn’t returned to the stars as witch-hunting glory-questing knights start to show up in larger and larger quantities.

When the young hags find that the Morgan coven is not responsible for the knights, they also find out that the Morgans are also being plagued by wild magic.

Can the Merlyns and Morgans team up to find out what is causing this surge of uncontrolled magic or is there something more sinister afoot? Is there an old enemy (or a new one) planing the downfall of the witches? Can Clemmie figure out what is happening and put a stop to it before it is too late for all the witches?

Another great magical adventure full of witches, knights, dragon, a mystical forest, and lots of growing up and what an ending! If you loved The October Witches this if perfect for you. If you’ve not read The October Witches yet, hurry up so you can read this!

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