Yesterday’s Tomorrows

Mike Ashley. British Library Publishing. (320p) ISBN: 9780712353717

Yesterday's Tomorrows
Yesterday’s Tomorrows
I can’t remember where I saw this being discussed but wherever it was I paused and went and ordered it immediately. This is now part of my growing collection of books about books and bookish things and what a wonderful addition it is.

A survey of early British science fiction from the time of HG Wells up to about the mid-60s with acknowledgement to earlier examples of writing that could also be classed as science fiction.

Broken up into wonderfully digestible chunks discussing a single novel by a single author, this looked like it was going to be my night time read over a month or so with a section or two a night…

Well that didn’t happen, the writing was so interesting I had to sit down and read it in three big chunks.

An absolutely fascinating romp through the worlds created by the early pioneers of science fiction and following the development of different themes at different times, this survey has not only added to my TBR pile but my TBRA (To Be Read Again) pile as I had forgotten some of these gems.

Another cracking book from British Library Publishing who have been knocking it out of the park with their short story compilations recently.

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