Christina Dalcher. HarperCollins. (400p) ISBN 9780008300678

I was so late to the VOX party amongst my colleagues, and I have no idea why?

It hits all the right targets for me a feminist dystopia looking at what could feasibly happen if we extrapolate from current trends.

Vox is set in an imaginable near-future where the ‘moral’ right has transformed the USA into a living hell for women, limiting them to domesticity and silence, and the laughing stock of the world. 100 words a day, more than that then an electric shock punishes the transgressors.

Does this seem to be too far fetched? If you think that you really need to watch more news.

The main characters are so well written that you empathise with them from page one, and following her development and her story of how it cam to pass was hypnotic.

Short, sharp chapters kept the tension growing throughout to the end.

This sits in the same area as The Handmaid’s Tale and The Power, this is a must read.

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