The Genius Kid’s Guide to Sharks

Ethan Pembroke. North Star Kids. (192p) ISBN 9781952455032
The Genius Kids Guide to Sharks
The Genius Kids Guide to Sharks

The Genius Kid’s Guide to Sharks is part of the series of ‘Genius Kid’s Guides’ that cover all sort of topics from Pro Baseball to Cats.

The book sets out to give lots of information on about a dozen species of shark from the Whale Shark to the Seal Shark and everything in between, with a small section at the end exploring in brief another dozen or so species.

The text explores the basics like size and shape, breeding, how they feed, and where they live, then has a bot about how humans interact with them, often talking a little about how humans exploit them though not in any great depth.

The book finishes with a chapter on shark attacks, which once more is not the most in depth exploration of this subject, then ends with a clear and useful index and glossary.

Written in easy and accessible language with lots of great images this is a great starter book for children wanting to learn more about sharks in a colourful way.

This is published on the 4th of October 2022 and you can always preorder if you feel interested.

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