Mum, Me and the Mulberry Tree

Tanya Rosie, illustrated Chuck Groenink. Walker Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781406389807
Mum Me and the Mulberry Tree
Mum Me and the Mulberry Tree

I received this from Walker Books recently after seeing it on Twitter a few times and falling in love with the cover illustration.

Got a chance to savour it this afternoon!

A beautiful little story about a young girl and mother who take an annual trip to ‘their’ tree, through a town on a bus and a bit of a walk.

There is a simple rhyming structure throughout which gives a pleasant pace to the story, the pace matching the journey and the shared experience.

The illustrations by Chuck Groenink beautifully match the story, feeling very late summer / autumnal and give the whole a very traditional feel to it.

A wonderfully sweet and warming story, felt like a hug throughout, and scanned really well when I read it out loud.

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