The Boy Who Grew Dragons
Andy Shepherd. Templar Publishing. (224p) ISBN 9781848126497

The Boy Who Grew Dragons
The Boy Who Grew Dragons
The Boy Who Grew Dragons had (shamefully) been on my TBR list for a long time, I initially got it to join in with #PrimarySchoolBookClub but in the end didn’t have the time to join in.

From the start of this wonderful book I was gripped and really wanted to know what happened and was disappointed that it was finished so quickly, Tomas is a bright, imaginative young boy and the other characters are all so full of life with the interactions feeling so real.

As the title suggests Tomas discovers a Dragon Fruit plant, but one with a difference. Dragons!

The addition of the sheer destructiveness of Flicker, especially the nice (squishy) addition to the poo part had me laugh out loud at a couple of points.

I am so looking forward to the books to follow the continuing misadventures of the crew, as the end of the book is something you have to read yourself.

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