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Coffee and cake, essential to deep. thoughts!
Coffee and cake, essential to deep. thoughts!

It’s been eight months now since I was made full-time and transferred to a different branch which means I leave the house just before 7am and get home at about 7pm five days a week.

I found this soul sucking over the winter months, a dark out and dark when I got home but thought that I’d push on with all I was doing on various blogs and multiple social media stream and see what spring brought with more light during the day.

I’ve realised that I can’t keep this up, quite simply I get into the idea of negative time, not actually having time for myself to relax in as I’ve been constantly on the go working on blogs, feeding social media channels, writing a newsletter, and keeping up to date with the news in the book world.

As you may have noticed my reading has increased over the last couple of months as I get back to what I started out as, a book blogger reading and reviewing anything that comes my way. This has been a great way to ‘using’ the time in my daily commute and carves out some important reading time for me.

Everything else that happens after that is just icing on the cake and as such I’ve condensed everything into this blog, a Ko-Fi/Substack fortnighlyish update, and I’m only using Twitter and Instagram for social media now, but mainly Instagram. I’ve closed all my other social media accounts as there just felt way too much to do and I felt very thinly spread.

So I’m cutting myself a lot of slack and just doing what I feel like now with no timetable, no end results, no side hustle or grift, no outcomes other than enjoying what I’m doing.

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