A Reading for 2023

January 2023
January 2023
I’ll do a breakdown of each card and then an overall interpretation.

At the core of all what’s on my mind at the moment, The King of Wands reminds me that this is the year I want to take the next logical step in the multitude of projects I have on the go and that it is down to me to make this happen.

Justice shows that when making decisions linked to these projects I have to work in alignment with my higher self and realise the impact these decisions and projects may have on myself and others and to take that into account.

The Seven of Wands is reminding me to be wary of the obstacles that were placed in the path of one of the main projects I wanted to achieve and find possible solutions to this obstacle whilst not getting into a conflict which could see it all come tumbling down.

The Three of Swords hints that a block from the past that was totally unexpected is still causing me emotional hurt and putting limits on how I approach the projects I’m working on, possibly too cautiously and worrying that it could happen again.

The immediate future according to the Three of Wands is full of opportunity to explore the plans and develop them with clarity and foresight as the work has been done to set myself in this position, I can also see further possibilities that these projects can take now that I have space and time to look.

The Ace of Pentacles is telling me that these projects have the potential to become financially viable through harnessing the energy and possibilities that lie ahead of me but this is all up to me.

The Two of Pentacles is how I feel about managing all these projects, often feeling I’m juggling flaming torches and letting people down, this card is telling me that I have to look at managing my time and expectations better and to set realistic priorities.

The Ace of Wands let’s me know that my home situation will help inspire me in this work and give me the solid foundation and energy for growth, it says that these projects are the ones to concentrate on and work on for domestic security.

The Page of Pentacles reinforces my hope that these new beginnings will prosper and that the effort and skills I learn will help to move it all forward.

The outcome of all of this is explained with the Nine of Cups, a card of contentment and wishes come true, and that though this has happened to keep the ephemeral nature of success in mind and enjoy.

Overall a very strong and positive reading, reinforcing the need to work through issues of the past and work on time management and expectations for the current projects to work.

This is all done with a lot of support and understanding at home and that with clear goals and expectation these projects will come together and become self sustaining. Eventually becoming all I wanted them to become.

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