Griz Grobus

Simon Roy. Image Comics. (200p) ISBN: 9781534397866
Griz Grobus
Griz Grobus

There’s a lot of really good graphic novels out there right now and this is another example of a great one, great art and a couple of really good stories.

The main story is set on a settled planet and follows the life of a scribe who is determined to get back lost knowledge from before of the intergalactic empire.

They awaken a robot who has it’s own agenda regarding a particularly gnarly root vegetable, grave robbers (sorry researchers), a society degrading from high-tech to pastoral, and a genuinely nice constable.

The other story is another in-universe tale that some of the people are reading called “The Tale of Azkon’s Heart, and it is this that has the fantasy element, and a lot of humour.

In this we follow the exploits of a goose, pacifist cook, hungry sorcerer, and the spirit of the God of War. There’s a nice little twist in that the action of one of the characters in the main story influences the story line of this.

All this great story telling is supported with luscious illustrations that have a seventies feel to them, especially as everyone else says, Tintin.

I received this from NetGalley and Image Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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