New Project Vibes

New Project Vibes
New Project Vibes
I’ve started putting the tarot on the blog and social media as a new part of the project and was looking for what could be a possible outcome with a three card spread asking for internal factors, external factors, and possible outcome.

For this I used my basic deck that I have in my bag at all times and doesn’t matter if it gets bashed about a bit, but it does mean that it is with me practically all the time and goes wherever I go.

Knight of Wands This is one of the most common cards that shows up in my personal readings when I ask what internal strengths and resources I can count on, full of vim and vigour, with the ability to channel all of that energy into my tasks and projects. It’s so common in fact that it’s always a relief when it shows up at the start of a project.

Queen of Wands Is a new one on me, I rarely see this in a personal reading as it comes out more often for my partner, but I was looking for external resources and strengths to help with the upcoming project and she is always a strength to me. I also think this could hint at my ability to connect with people, possibly through social media.

King of Cups Is showing that the project is a perfect balance of my emotions, creativity, and unconscious. A way for me to show my more spiritual side which has been sorely lacking through my whole professional life, subsumed to the court of capital.

and as I was shuffling the deck to put it away not thinking about anything in particular a Seven of Pentacles jumped out the deck at me, and I often see these cards as invitations to clarify things, or give further hints.

This shows that this new project has long term sustainability as long as I put the effort and energy in to it that it deserves, overall a nice reading with a lot of positive energy.

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