Abroad in Japan

Chris Broad. Transworld. (320p) ISBN: 9781804992227
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan

This has sold so well in hard back in the shop I felt it was time to read it.

In essence a travelogue of Chris Broad’s time in Japan from being part of JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching program) and keeping Chris company as he explores the culture and country of Japan from top to bottom.

From a bumbling young teacher who knows no Japanese to a popular YouTuber with a good knowledge of Japanese and some amazing interviews and documentaries, as well as his more off the cuff videos Chris takes us through his development and time in Japan with a dry humour that makes the book an easy and fascinating read from start to finish.

Though it was easy to read there was a jarring moment when the book went from talking about his time in the school and Sakata and the relationships he built there to talking more about his YouTube channel and it’s ups and downs. Though it was jarring and a sharp transition it quickly became as fascinating as the previous part of his experience in Japan.

Overall a fascinating read, full of great anecdotes, dry humour, and how someone can grow over a decade as a stranger in a strange land. How confidence can strengthen with an attitude of ‘will I regret not doing this?’ but for me it shows Chris as someone who can make friends anywhere and I loved that.

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