Next Week

Next Week
Next Week
I was playing around with the Morgan-Greer deck for another project and wanted to test how valid my thoughts that a three-card spread is one of the most versatile spreads you can have in your pocket.

With three cards you can ask lots of different questions and interpret the three cards in many ways.

You can read the three together in an overall group to answer a single question in depth or you can ask a question and each card can signify a different aspect that could have influence on the question such as past/present/future or strength/weakness/solution. The combinations are near infinite.

The three-card spread I thought I’d try out is a little reading for next week on relationships/life/work.

In the relationship position I drew the Knight of Wands, is a signal that I’m full of energy and passion but have to beware of letting my heart run before my head figures out what I’m doing.

When thinking about my life in general The Hermit shows that this is a time for me to look inside and try to figure out what I really want. It indicates a change in focus and a possible repositioning.

Finally, for work I drew The High Priestess is telling me to figure out what truly ignites my passions, what do I really want to do.

I really like the three-card spread as it isn’t much more work that a single-card draw but can give far more detail and is far more versatile.

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