Let Me Out

Emmett Nahil, George Williams. Oni Press. (200p) ISBN: 9781637152362

Let Me Out
Let Me Out
Set at the end of the 70s in suburban America, we see how easily othering and discrimination can lead to scapegoating and persecution, but in this case with completely unexpected results.

I asked for this as I loved the cover and am wanting to read a bit more horror, and more graphic novels and this fit those two criteria!

There’s been a murder, and right from the start you know something is off about the murder with a shady government agent and a sheriff with knowledge of what’s going on.

To save the wrong questions being asked they decide to stoke hatred and fear in the local community using the Pastor’s fire and brimstone sermons to make people question those who are different…

and the different they latch on to are Mitch, Terri, Lupe, and Jackson. The local queers and punks, the ones who dress and behave differently from mainstream stars and stripes America.

This is a very frightening representation of the hate and fear that is constantly thrown in the face of LGBTQIAP+ people, using this scapegoating as smoke and mirrors to make people look away from what the other hand of society is doing.

The whole story was brilliantly executed and the art style was perfect for the story, both worked so well together.

I was given this in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley

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