The Photography Ideas Book

Lorna Yabsley. Octopus Publishing. (176p) ISBN: 9781781576663

The Photography Ideas Book
The Photography Ideas Book
I picked this book up at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead along with several others of the same series on a recent trip.

I’ve been feeling very stale about my photography recently and was looking for books to help stimulate and inspire.

This is an easy book to dip in and out of having a collection of 80 photos from which the author draws ideas for a photo project theme, or just a technique to try out.

It doesn’t take long to read cover to cover but I don’t really feel that’s the purpose of this book.

I’ll be keeping it on the shelf and reach for it whenever I feel jaded about my photography, choose something to try or further research and get stimulated once more.

It has kicked off a renewed interest in my and others photography once more and for that I’m really grateful.

Best of all I’ve bookmarked several ideas/projects to get started on in the next few days!

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