Sisters of Sword and Shadow

Laura Bates. Simon and Schuster. (400p) ISBN: 9781398520042
Sisters of Sword and Shadow
Sisters of Sword and Shadow

Cass is thrown into an adventure almost from the very start and grabs it with one outstretched hand, taking her away from the domesticity of her family home.

Set in the era of the Arthurian court we are introduced to an alternative court where women run the castle they are in and truly believe in equality and honour, but have to hide it due to the patriarchal powers around them and some of the deeds that they’ve committed to get to where they are and to keep them there.

I really enjoyed the various training montages throughout that concentrated on the martial training of the young women, and the physical and mental development of the main character which is well described.

This is not a book for someone who wants a nice gentle read as it is full of peril/revelation/battle which really ramps up in the last quarter of the book, especially when the Big Bad is finally let loose upon the world these women have nurtured.

A great twist on the Knight genre, with old British myths woven throughout, and the ending leaves so much open for a revisit to this world.

I received this from NetGalley and Simon Schuster in exchange for an honest review.

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