Houses of the Unholy

Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips. Image Comics. (144p) ISBN: 9781534327429
Houses of the Unholy
Houses of the Unholy

Another cracking graphic novel thanks to Image Comics.

This one had the feel of Dennis Wheatley story with Silent Hill and good thriller horrors thrown in for good measure.

There were flashbacks that built tension into the current narrative and allowed some of the back story to be filled in as Natalie Burns journeyed with an FBI agent to investigate the killings of the Satanic Six.

These flashbacks took us to the time of the 80s Satanic panics, the hysteria that there were Satanic cults everywhere and that children were vulnerable to abuse from these cults.

It also touched on the idea of repressed and implanted memories that was huge at the time also, and according to Natalie this is what the Satanic Six were, six children who got caught up in this hysteria.

Much like the children in various witch trials, the children told what was expected of them and some adults had to face the consequences of these words.

The story is brilliantly supported by a great art style that has a predominantly red and black palette which is oppressive and really adds to the atmosphere as the story progresses.

Bleak, oppressive, and tense. Loved this from start to finish.

I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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