Everything Is Fine

Mike Birchall. Panini Publishing. (264p) ISBN: 9781804912133
Everything Is Fine
Everything Is Fine

OK that was well weird…

Set in a dystopian world of box houses on estates that are identical to each other for as far as the eye can see. Sam and Maggie live a perfect life, with a perfect dog, perfect neighbours, and with no need to forget anything as everything is perfect.

This perfection doesn’t last long as there are hints of something not quite right from the very start, like images at the corner of your eye that when you try to bring them into focus disappear.

The darkness in this perfect world builds throughout the book, especially when Tom arrives on the scene, but there are dark edges from the very beginning you just have to be in tune to some of them.

A great read and I’m so looking forward to Volume 2, well worth a dive in for a light horror with complex storytelling in a very simple format.

I received this from Panini Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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