The Essential… Taylor Swift

Caroline Young. Gemini Editions. (176p) ISBN: 9781917082006
The Essential... Taylor Swift
The Essential… Taylor Swift

An intro page for this book I saw online read “The essential guide to pop’s unstoppable megastar.” It really should have read The essential guide to “THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!”

I think someone may have been watching my Instagram stories feed to realise I was a wee bit of a Swiftie…

Let’s get this out of the way from the start this an unofficial and unauthorised biography, taking a lot of information that is out there in the public domain and putting it all together into a coherent narrative.

and it’s obvious from the start that it’s not a hatchet job and that Caroline is writing it from a position of respect.

So with all that out of the way let’s look at the book. It’s split into nine sections that range from the early years all the way up to the Eras tour, the fourth Grammy, and the announcement of The Tortured Poets Department.

This is a wonderful little book for all those new Swifties who don’t have the lore, full of wonderful photos and anecdotes stitching together Taylor’s life and career. At every point there are snippets of her success and how she was the first this and the first that and that she drove this from a love of music and her fans.

It looks at both the professional and personal but in a way that shows complete respect.

What’s really clear is Taylor’s personal vision and the amount of love and support she received from her family throughout her career.

and I really love the photo of Taylor performing Tim McGraw in front of Tim McGraw!

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