The Titanic Detective Agency

Lindsay Littleson. Cranachan Publishing. (200p) ISBN 9781911279440

The Titanic Detective Agency
The Titanic Detective Agency
Though the story does come with a well-known ending, The Titanic Detective Agency explores the story of the Titanic from a different angle.

This is the story of Bertha and her dreams, travelling from Aberdeen to America she has to fill her time and sets up the titular detective agency. Mysteries, treasure maps, friendship, and family relationships are at the core of this well-written and fast-paced story.

Lindsay brings the Titanic to life through the eyes and mind of children on their own adventures.

The foreshadowing of the inevitable tragedy is peppered throughout the book, but my favourite is the tea-leaf reading scene early on and not only because my nan’s surname is Toomey.

The class divisions are writ large throughout the book as well, making it difficult for the protagonists at times.

A wonderful middle-grade historical novel which gives a fresh take on a well-worn story, well-paced with great characters.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review by Cranachan Publishing.

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