Books v. cigarettes

George Orwell. Penguin. (144p) ISBN: 9780141036618

Books v. cigarettes
Books v. cigarettes
Totally bought this because of the multiple essays on books, bookselling and book reviewing – some of my main pleasures in life.

The title essay is still as apt now as it ever was, comparing the price of a book with another common leisure purchase which today we usually use a coffee as a comparison rather than cigarettes. Well written and structured and putting forward arguments I’ve used.

The other book related essays are great examples of Orwell’s writing and thought processes, and still seem as relevant today as when he wrote them in the early 20th century.

The other essays in Books v. cigarettes are about seemingly unrelated subjects, but are all linked with a view on society in his time that of class and the growing thoughts on socialism and how unjust uk society was if you had no money. The essays on boarding school, poverty, and patriotism are all well reasoned and explained.

A great little read, especially if you’ve read any other Orwell non-fiction and appreciate his thoughts and writing style.

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