Secrets of a Sun King

Emma Carroll. Faber & Faber. (304p) ISBN 9780571328499

Secrets of a Sun King
Secrets of a Sun King
In Emma Carrol’s latest historical adventure for Middle Grade we find Lilian and her friends in a race against time to stop the Pharaoh’s curse.

Right from the start this goes at a cracking pace that pulls you along in anticipation of the next part of the adventure, set in London and Egypt (and a few places in-between) there is a real feel of nostalgia throughout. Wonderfully described scenes and believable characters help with his pace.

There is also a thread about families and secrets that weaves through the story which adds to the mystery.

Bravery, love and friendship are some of the main themes of this book and are explored so well.

Get Secrets of a Sun King as soon as it comes out on the 2nd August 2018, you really won’t regret it.

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