A Pinch of Magic

Michelle Harrison. Simon & Schuster. (368p) ISBN 9781471124297

A Pinch of Magic
A Pinch of Magic
Set on the island of Crowstone, Betty Widdershins finds out that the women of her family have been cursed to die if they ever leave the islands.

Along with her sisters, Charlie and Fliss, she sets out to break the curse, determined to leave the islands.

Who can they trust, what caused the curse and do they survive? Most of all can they change their family’s fate?

A Pinch of Magic is a magical adventure for 9-12 year olds about family, trust, bravery, and revenge. I read this twice I loved it so much, with wonderful cover art from Melissa Castrillon!

The idea of little bits of magic spread around family heirlooms is a great change to the inherent magic in a lot of middle grade fantasy at the moment and made it so the three sisters had to work together to solve the mystery of the family curse.

So glad to hear that we will be hearing more from the Widdershins sisters.

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