The Vanishing of Aveline Jones

Phil Hicks, Keith Robinson. Usborne Publishing, (256p) ISBN 9781474972161

The Vanishing of Aveline Jones
The Vanishing of Aveline Jones
I love the Aveline Jones series of books, and was so excited when I found out that this was coming out just in time for Halloween, and was so happy when I got approved for it on NetGalley.

I dove straight into this on the day my holiday began and had finished it by early afternoon, it is so well written with great illustrations from Keith Robinson supporting the story.

Previously Aveline and Harold had been involved with ghosts and witches, but this time they have something even more fiendish to contend with, the Fae!

Aveline, Harold, her mum, and Aunt Lilian have gone to her long lost uncles home to sell it as he has been gone for 10 years with absolutely no sign of him.

Along the way they team up with a new character called Sammy (paranormal expert and blogger extraordinaire) to figure out where Aveline’s uncle has disappeared to.

This third addition to the series is the creepiest of them all, much darker in tone than the previous two and so well paced. Sadly it was all over with much sooner than I was expecting as I just tore through the book in two sittings (breaking for lunch).

Another brilliant book in the series and now waiting for the next, hint…

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