The Last Spell Breather

Julie Pike. Oxford University Press. (304p) ISBN 9780192771605

The Last Spell Breather
The Last Spell Breather
I picked The Last Spell Breather up in a pack of proofs from OUP Childrens that had been in the staff room for a while.


From the first page this was a non-stop adventure with an intriguingly original magical system, cracking cast of characters, and a pace that pulled you through to the last paragraph.

Rayne really, really doesn’t want to be a Spell Breather, but her Mam is the last one in a world ravaged by magic and if she doesn’t become one the village will be lost.

When Mam leaves Rayne has to find out why and along the way collects a bunch of companions to help her get through all the adventures.

A great fantasy adventure with an unexpected ending, Frank the Fox, and a beguiling magical system.

Julie has made a world I want to go back to again and again as has many people I’ve introduced to this book since reading it.

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