Annie Garthwaite. Penguin. (384p) ISBN 9780241476871

This gorgeous looking book arrived at work and I made sure that I was first to grab it!

When I got it home I was all prepared to start it straight away but someone else saw it and grabbed it and as they were reading it told me how brilliant it was.

I finally got a chance to read it a week before Annie was visiting the shop to sign some copies, though I didn’t finish it before her visit it was such a compelling tale that there were a few really late nights.

We know the dry history of this period, the histories written in the text books, dates and names, taught to us in a rote fashion.

What Annie does with Cecily is take this dry skeleton of history and adds flesh to it, adds personality and soul.

We not only get to see this turbulent period in a new fashion, we get to see it through the eyes of a woman at the centre of it all and from her perspective.

When I finished this it was a bit of a shock as all I wanted to do was continue reading as I had invested in these people so strongly and needed to know what happened next.

I know what happened next, but I need to feel what happens next.

A stunning book, and I really hope there is going to be a follow up in the same fashion exploring the next stage of the York dynasty.

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