Into Goblyn Wood

Anna Kemp. Simon & Schuster. (320p) ISBN 9781398503830

Into Goblyn Wood
Into Goblyn Wood
Who doesn’t love the story of a badly treated orphan escaping the cruel orphanage and discovering their true potential? Especially if that true potential is out there in the world of faeries.

In this magical tale we follow the story of Hazel, the orphan, as she and her friend Pete escape from the orphanage and go the Goblyn Wood to join with the Wild Children, other orphans and such that have previously escaped.

All does no go to plan and as soon as they enter the wood Pete is snatched by unknown assailants and Hazel starts her journey to rescue him finding the truth about herself in the process.

A fun and fantastic story that gives a different twist on the lives of faeries and how there are different types of faeries and how they all came to be, with a creeping evil at the core that needs to be defeated and it looks like Hazel will be the only one to do it, and there’s a prophesy to prove it!

A beautiful book about friends and family, but especially about a young girl finding herself and the confidence to rescue those she loves. There is a brilliant training montage-style episode in the book where Hazel is left to develop her growing powers.

Really looking forward to book two as this ends on such a cliff hanger and I really hope Anna gets round to this quite quickly.

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