Fifty Words for Snow

Nancy Campbell. Elliott & Thompson. (224p) ISBN: 9781783966035

Fifty Words for Snow
Fifty Words for Snow
Picked this up at work a few weeks ago as one of the randoms that came through the door as I like non-fiction books that you can have by the bed with short chapters.

This book is specifically about these fifty words for snow and as such are easily digestible before falling asleep, or that was the plan.

I started this at 7:30am and had finished it by 12:30pm today, each chapter was so compelling and made you want more and more.

Each small chapter is preceded by a photograph of a snowflake by Wilson Bentley, the first known photographer of snowflakes setting us up perfectly for a snippet of information.

This information is from all around the world New Guinea, Patagonia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Latvia, and more, starting with a word in the highlighted language and then a small passage with information that could be culturally significant, explore the areas natural history, literary history, and its myth making.

Every passage opens up a language an culture in a compassionate manner and looks at what may be happening in that culture/land now with climate changes that are occurring now and what this may mean for the future.

A really interesting read that had me looking for more information on certain cultures and languages.

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