Ten Things About Writing

Joanne Harris. September Publishing. (320p) ISBN 9781912836598

Ten Things About Writing
Ten Things About Writing
Following Joanne Harris on Twitter is always worth it, supportive and enthusiastic about writing and the process, and her twitter threads of “Ten Things…” are always refreshing.

So as soon as I saw that she was releasing a collection of her writing tips in a single volume I popped it onto my #TBR.

My original idea was just to have this by my computer and read it bit by bit as I worked, getting inspiration or support from it when I needed it.

This is still going to happen and it now does have pride of place by the monitor, but I couldn’t resist reading it from start to finish in a couple of days as the collection of tips and information was moreish.

One was never enough as each led onto another naturally and before I knew it half the book was gone.

Each section is a themed collection of ten different areas about writing with ten hints/tips/ideas and more listed there to help and support writers whatever part of the journey they’re on.

My personal favourites being Permission and Imposter Syndrome since I’m in the foothills of writing right now and I’ll be reading these again, regularly.

A great collection that has made me feel supported and given me more confidence in actually writing rather than wanting to write.

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