I Did See a Mammoth!

Alex Willmore. Farshore. (32p) ISBN 9780008503574

I Did See a Mammoth
I Did See a Mammoth
Everyone at the shop had commented on how good this book looked and I was so glad to get a copy of it from NetGalley to review.

An expedition to Antarctica where there are different expectations from some of the expedition members, most are there to study the ‘fabulous, cute, glorious, penguins’, but our protagonist is adamant that they will see a MAMMOTH!

Bright and fun throughout, we follow the main character as they keep seeing a Mammoth involved in various outlandish activities and runs back to the rest of the expedition to tell them but they keep not believing and it is a case of ‘crying wolf’ until of course they encounter the Mammoth themselves.

The Mammoth twist is really fun as well.

Oh, the penguins are anything but fabulous, cute, and glorious. It is great fun looking at all the penguins to check out their expressions and what they’re getting up to.

Such a great wintery book, perfect for a Christmas present.

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