Slow Blogging

Slow Blogging
Slow Blogging
I was again starting to plan out an aggressive timetable of blog and social media posts to help me become a ‘successful’ blogger with a ‘successful’ blog. Filling all the metrics of hits, likes and client interactions.

These are the things the Internet and ‘people’ tell you are required to be a good and successful blogger.

I then suddenly realised that the only person I’m really blogging for is myself, and if others like or get some pleasure/use from what I wrote or post that is a wonderful bonus.

Even though there has been at least one post a day for most of the last couple of months on one platform or another, I don’t expect to make a daily post, they will come when I have something to say or show, and hopefully will be all the better for it.

I have a lot of content and reviews to put on the blog but there may also be times when RealLife™ intrudes as I have to work a lot of hours to make ends meet.

I’m consolidating my blogs, going back to blogging for fun and slowing down. Hopefully this will have me reading for fun again as well.

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