A Taste of Darkness

ed. Amy McCaw, Maria Kuzniar. Scholastic. (448p) ISBN: 9780702329173

A Taste of Darkness
A Taste of Darkness
I was so pleased that a marketing person at Scholastic decided to send me this anthology of 13 horror stories aimed at young adults as I was really looking forward to it when I saw it announced.

A well considered selection of spooky short stories, each different from the others but each hitting those buttons that you need in a good horror story. Ranging from a bit of gothic horror all the way to a fun bit of cosmic horror via vampires, fae, slavic mythology, and so much more.

What was especially great was that there was not one weak story, all were great in their own way and kept me gripped all the way through, this was especially good as I was in a major reading slump and hopefully this has pulled me out of it.

Though I enjoyed every story there were a couple that I really, really liked.

I thought Louie Stowell’s first foray into writing for the young adult audience, The Party, was wonderful, twist upon twist whilst playing with the chosen one trope, very fun and very sexy. Who doesn’t like sexy vampire?

Maria Kuzniar’s twist on Slavic foke lore, The Wolf and the Witch, was paced so well with great imagery and a Baba Jaga and I have such a soft spot for this witch/ogre/being and Maria’s interpretation was wonderful. A story full of teeth.

But as I said each story is strong so it was really hard to pull a couple out to highlight them, get this and find out for yourself.

Will definitely be recommending this to everyone as it’s perfect spooky read for this time of year.

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