Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods

Gabriel Dylan. Templar Publishing. (224p) ISBN: 9781800784772

Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods
Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods
The return of a good horror series for 9-12s is well overdue, and if Shiver Point: It Came from the Woods is an example of what’s still to come we’re in for a real treat.

Set in the fictional coastal town of Shiver Point where nothing ever happens, basement in the library and quirky librarian may be something to watch out for in the future though.

Alex has moved there with his mum and doesn’t want to make new friends but after a strange eerie green meteorite lands in the local woods he is thrown together with a bunch of other kids from his school. Mo, Oli, Riley, and Sophie all have different skills that lead to the creation of a ‘Scooby Gang’ to save the town from the invasion from outer space.

Full of really creepy scenes, anxious moments, and fast-paced chases this hits all the right spots as the ‘Shiver Squad’ try to find out what’s going on, why the cat food is missing, what are the creepy slugs, and how they can stop what’s going to happen.

Well paced and fun creepy adventure for all ages and I’m looking forward to the next in the series as it’s rare to get good horror aimed at this age group.

Out on the 14th of September 2023

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