Centre for British Documentary Photography

Centre for British Documentary Photography
Centre for British Documentary Photography

At the Centre for British Documentary Photography our aim is to inspire and inform the viewer, making available quality documentary images through our online galleries and printed media.

From the outset our aim is to showcase the most relevant documentary photographers be they established names or just emerging. We will endeavour to find and promote the overlooked documentary image makers from Britain and give them and their photographs the space they deserve. In the future we hope to open a gallery space and publish select works from the photographers that are able to be a part of the Centre for British Documentary Photography.

Website: www.centreforbritishdocumentaryphotography.co.uk/
Twitter: @CBDP_Images
Instagram: @the_cbdp
Facebook: facebook.com/CentreforBritishDocumentaryPhotography

In their own words

When did you start publishing?

Way back in 1998.

What made you want to start an independent publisher?

There was and is a need, if we are to look beyond the famous names and obvious stories. Initially I was inspired by the early Surf Magazines. Many of these were actually pure reportage and very nicely designed.

What genres do you specialise in?

Today I concentrate on Bouldering Guide Books and more importantly, Humanity, which is a documentary magazine that fuses concerned photojournalism and the written word.

Where are you based?

Gloucestershire, England.

Do you have a submission window, if so when?

We are always open to submissions, but tend to make approaches, and photographers on the CBDP platform make up 75% of the content.

What is your submission procedure?

Send one image via Wetransfer a block of text and website link.

Who are you (team photo if possible)?

I am essentially a one man band.

What was your background in the book industry before this venture?

I created and published 4 successful bouldering guide books before the Humanity venture.

Talk about some of your books if possible, upcoming, favourite?

Issue 1 of Humanity is a favourite as I had to pull everything together from scratch and worked with total strangers, yet somehow it all came together really well and it sold out. Designing a documentary magazine with such important imagery was an honour and ambition realised all in one. Issue 2 is looking even better.

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