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What Happens to Girls
What Happens to Girls
All of last year I had a daily routine of reading the passage from Susie Dent’s ‘Word Perfect’ for that day and I really enjoyed it, finding it a calming and centring start to the day.

I’ve now finished that and found a gap in my day first thing and have been wondering what could fill that gap.


I’d attempted the Sealey Challenge last year and found that trying to read a whole book of poetry a day was just too much for me. Unfortunately it had the effect of putting me off poetry for a while as well.

This seems like a good opportunity to rekindle that love of poetry, one a day first thing in the morning to start the day, vary the day, and make me think.

The first book is one I got for Christmas, What Happens to Girls by Jennifer Copley. Will be reading my first once I finish this post!

Looking forward to keeping you all updated.

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