Is It A Seed?

Emily Ann Davison, Adriena Fong. Flying Eye Books. (32p) ISBN: 9781838741587
Is It A Seed?
Is It A Seed?

A lovely little package arrived from Flying Eye Books a few days ago.

What happens when a child finds an seed that they don’t recognise?

Two children find an unknown seed in the garden and decide to plant it to see what happens.

Throughout the book they let their imagination run as wild as an out of control creeper and have lots of thoughts on what could come from this one seed, and each page brings a fancier flight of imagination.

An enchanting story that holds your hand and encourages guessing about what the children are going to imagine next, all beautifully illustrated with lots of lovely little asides on each page.

A story about imagination and potential that can come from the unknown, but also about friendship, blended families, and nature.

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