A Haunted Girl

Ethan Sacks, Naomi Sacks, Marco Lorenzana . Image Comics. (132p) ISBN: 9781534397774
A Haunted Girl
A Haunted Girl

Once again I was drawn to this immediately by the cover and I’m pleased to say that the cover was right, Image Comics seem to be hitting it out of the ball park right now with these collections as I just couldn’t put this down.

Cleo is the last in the bloodline of a family that has the power to close the veil between the plane of Death and Earth and stop the Goddess of Death in her various incarnations and guises from consuming the life force of everyone on our plane…

But Cleo is unsure of whether or not she wants to live, hospitalised for depression and suicidal ideation, unsure of her place in the world, and struggling to cope on a daily basis, she must decide whether or not to rise to the challenge, but first she has to decide whether or not what she is seeing is real.

A sensitive look at the troubles a young person can face when depressed and unsure, this is woven throughout the more supernatural aspects of the story, and is essential to the outcome.

All of this is beautifully portrayed through Marco’s images, strong and striking when needed but toned down when looking at the mental health part of the story.

Ploughed through this on my commute into work this morning and couldn’t put it down.

I received this from NetGalley and Image Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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