Flowers from the Void

Gianni Washington. Serpent’s Tail. (256p) ISBN: 9781800816312
Flowers from the Void
Flowers from the Void

The description of this horror collection from Gianni Washington had me intrigued as it sounded so varied, varied but all of the descriptions were so dark.

The first story gripped me immediately and was a good indication of the quality of the rest of the collection, so Cenobite, and so well written

From cosmic horror this collection of short stories seemed to have something for all tastes, some slightly bloodier than others, some going down a very slow burn route, but no matter which story it was the pay off was always worth it.

As with all collections some where stronger than others but that is always down to personal taste and for me my three stand outs were: Prelude: The Glass Terminal, Redemption Express, and Hold Still, but there really isn’t a terrible story in this collection.

This is a great example of the short story horror form and looking forward to reading more from Gianni.

I received this from NetGalley and Serpent’s Tail in exchange for an honest review.

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