The Vanquishers

Kalynn Bayron. Bloomsbury Publishing. (320p) ISBN: 9781526655974

The Vanquishers
The Vanquishers
A new middle grade horror series from Kalynn Bayron to fill that little gap I felt for horror after reading her wonderful “You’re Not Supposed to Die Tonight” last month.

The Vanquishers is the start of a new series of vampire hunting antics set in a world were vampires are allegedly extinct at the hands of a team of vampire hunters called The Vanquishers who all disappeared after the final battle.

We follow a group of friends navigate their way around family and school but with the added twist of something weird starting to happen, dodgy teachers, anxious parents, missing friends, and the usual bullying and growing up to contend with.

Riffing off all the best vampire stories such as The Lost Boys and Buffy, this takes us on a tense and twisted adventure with much much more to come as you’ve probably realised by now vampires have risen.

I really enjoyed this start to a new Middle Grade horror series and so looking forward to book two to see where the story progresses.

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