Night Speakers: Sleepless

Ali Sparkes. Oxford University Press. (272p) ISBN 9780192749956

Night Speakers: Sleepless

Night Speakers: Sleepless

This is the first Ali Sparkes book I’ve read and after this I will definitely be looking for more.

In Sleepless three children from different backgrounds are waking up at the same time each night, 1:34am, with no knowledge of what’s causing it, and eventually discover each other.

This is not the only thing they discover, superpowers, a mysterious stranger, ancient evils to fight and friendships to make. Though none of this is easy as they have so many differences to overcome before they can overcome the antagonist of the story.

Fast-paced and well written I read this book in a long afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly and am so looking forward to the series continuing.

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