Leek and Thyme Galette

I was making a list of the books we have on our shelves in the kitchen and found that quite a few of our favourites are hard to or impossible to get anymore.

There were only 23 that came up on the search, some we have are so old that they are well out of print, some are self published so nearly impossible to get, and a few on the list are on backorder.

We’ve looked at all the books we have throughout our cooking life as we both love cooking, some like Delia’s Complete Cookery Course has been with us our whole relationship as you can see in the picture (it’s the book where the spine binding has gone), some newer but just as loved.

A lot of our regular cooking is from memory though, and long usage of favourite recipes, so long in use that it’s sometimes hard to remember where they came from, such as the apple and goats cheese pizza. I think it came from a Guardian Food article but…

The other way we sometimes cook is using a knowledge of what flavours go together and what we like and seeing what happens. An example would be that we recently tried a couple of recipes from books using filo pastry and from that we made a list of other possible fillings that would work really well in filo pastry parcels, such as our bean and butternut squash spicy stew.

We are using the books more often just now as we’ve set a challenge of cooking new recipes to expand our repertoire. On that shelf you can see two of our more used books, Zaitoun and A Modern Way to Eat, both have so many bookmarks in them it would take a couple of months cooking each recipe marked.

Cooking has been another way of coping with furlough and lockdown, looking at new recipes, ingredients, and ways of cooking. It’s been fun and occasionally not that tasty but always worth doing.

Keep an eye out for more recipes and pictures as we experiment with new recipes.

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