The Emperor and Me

The Emperor
The Emperor
Today’s single card draw was The Emperor, in yesterday’s single draw card I drew The Emperor, I also drew it 3 days ago and it was also my daily draw last Sunday morning. The draws were all made on the same deck, The Sacred Rose Tarot which I’ve had since the early 80s and was my second deck.

So it knows me and I know it.

It made me wonder why there has been such a cluster of one of the Major Arcana in such a short period and I’ve been thinking all day on this.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on all the projects I’m involved with right now and wondering if they are ‘worth it’, if there is any value in it and why am I doing these projects.

The other part of this thinking is that who wants to hear what I have to say in all these areas and am I fooling myself in putting myself out there.

Yes, The Emperor talks about the ambition I have for my projects, about my ability to plan and organise, but most of all I feel that what these regular visits are trying to tell me is to put away my negative and worried thoughts and step up to the plate and believe in my ability to achieve using the skills and knowledge I’ve built over the years.

To do this I have to set clear goals, set priorities, and plan out what I need to do to achieve forward movement in. these project, and again, believe in myself.

(and I’ve just realised that The Emperor is also my birth card)

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