The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse
To help choose the films I’m going to watch I run a poll on my Twitter account and today’s result was ‘The Lighthouse’, a 2019 horror film starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Patterson and directed by Robert Eggers.

Shot in square format the deep tones of the film matched the deep tones of the constant fog horn setting a mood that got deeper and deeper through the film.

“The light is mine”

The darkness is so oppressive that the counterpoint and beat of the lighthouse light feels alive, a seductive creature in itself.

Both Patterson and Dafoe portray their characters brilliantly, this is emphasised with stunning direction and camera work, every frame is redolent with depth and meaning with the solitude being carefully crafted and counterbalanced with toil and foreshadowing.

There is a Lovecraftian feel to the oppression, the sea, and madness. This tone then ups a gear a third of the way into the film changing from a pure portrait of solitude to something else as the wind changes.

Touching on a lot of different themes this is another great watch, a well-crafted portrayal of a bleak existence and descent into alcohol-fuelled madness.

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