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Across on Book Buddy we have just run a competition to win a BookBuddy pin and postcard, all people had to do was let us know what their favourite childhood book was in a comment on the post.

We had a great response, with over 200 retweets and over 200 comments. Most people chose a single book but there were a few who just couldn’t and went for a series of books; various Enid Blyton series, Worst Witch series, Harry Potter, C.S. Lewis, Philip Pullman, and Tolkien being the most common, plus a couple for the Goosebumps series, plus one for the Molesworth series.

The winner (chosen at random) was Lauren Murray who loved ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ by Judith Kerr.

I was glad to see my childhood favourite was up there, ‘The Hobbit’, at equal second.

Here is a rundown of the books from most votes down:

09 Matilda
09 The Magic Faraway Tree
05 The Hobbit
05 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
04 Swallows and Amazons
04 George’s Marvelous Medicine
03 Ballet Shoes
03 Stig of the Dump
03 The B.F.G.
03 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
03 Danny, the Champion of the World
03 The Folk in the Faraway Tree
03 Charlotte’s Web
03 The Tiger That Came to Tea
02 Moonfleet
02 Harriet the Spy
02 Anne of Green Gables
02 The Waterbabies
02 The Little Town on the Prairie
02 Wind in the Willows
02 The Jolly Christmas Postman
02 Charmed Life
02 The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
02 Little Women
02 Dogger
02 Where The Wild Things Are
02 Northern Lights
01 The Grey Dancer
01 The Crystal Forest
01 What Katy Did
01 EiEiO
01 Sula
01 Owl Babies
01 Charles
01 The Twits
01 Alice in Wonderland
01 Gone With The Wind
01 The Wizard of Oz
01 Daphne’s Book
01 The Wishing Chair
01 The Search for Delicious
01 The House that Sailed Away
01 The Hungry Caterpillar
01 Abby Goes to the Hospital
01 Just So Stories
01 Five Children and It
01 Pippi Longstockings
01 Each Peach, Pear, Plum
01 Quick Let’s Get Out of Here
01 Dear Zoo
01 Black Beauty
01 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
01 Would You Rather
01 The Bogwoppit
01 The Blue Balloon
01 Dorrie and the Goblin
01 Greyfriar’s Bobby
01 Cinderella
01 The Velveteen Rabbit
01 The Giving Tree
01 The Outsiders
01 The Sevret Garden
01 The Borrowers
01 When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
01 The Little Prince
01 Wise Child
01 Prince Caspian
01 Where’s Spot
01 Peace at Last
01 Harold and the Purple Crayon
01 All for You Blue Kangaroo
01 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
01 The Gruffalo
01 Jumbo the Plane
01 The Great Green Mouse Disaster
01 The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse
01 The Colour of Magic
01 King of the Copper Mountains
01 The Mona Lisa Mystery
01 The Singing Tree
01 The Enchanted Wood
01 Meg and Mog
01 A Dark, Dark Tale
01 Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch
01 The Good Master
01 The Book of Three
01 Millie, Molly, Mandy
01 We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea
01 A Dinosaur Called Minerva
01 Five Little Kittens
01 The Elves and the Shoemaker
01 The Secret Seven
01 The Secret Island
01 Calling B for Butterfly
01 The Large Family
01 Six Dinner Sid
01 Father Christmas
01 Fungus the Bogeyman
01 The Teeny, Tiny Woman
01 A Book for a Nook
01 Twas the Night Before Christmas
01 The Lottie Project
01 Charlotte Sometimes
01 What Katy Did
01 Sam’s Sandwich
01 Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat
01 The Worst Witch
01 Olga da Polga
01 James and the Giant Peach
01 Jane Eyre
01 The Suitcase Kid
01 The Illustrated Mum
01 Dear Teddy Robinson
01 Funniest Story Book Ever
01 The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
01 The Children of Cherrytree Farm
01 Fantastic Mr Fox
01 Don’t Forget the Bacon
01 The Silver Brumby
01 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
01 The Silver Sword
01 The Journeys of Mikhail Stroggoff
01 Mrs Pepperpot
01 The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark
01 Pookie and the Circus
01 James and the Giant Peach
01 Emil and the Detectives
01 Goodnight Mr Tom
01 Magician’s Nephew
01 Gulag Archipelago
01 Dead Letter Box
01 Where the Sidewalk Ends
01 Runaways
01 Little Pup

(originally posted on Indie Bookshops 2018)

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