1001 Songs
1001 Songs
1001 Songs

You know how I’ve got all that spare time and everything…

Well I thought I’d fill it with a post that grows with listening, have you seen the book 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die? Well I’ve decided I’m going to go through it front to back in chronological order and listen to every song on it and give some brief thoughts about the song.

I will also be adding some of my own favourite songs and popping them in where appropriate.

O sole mio – Enrico Caruso

Recorded in 1916, obviously I wasn’t around to hear it originally and had heard twists on it in various iced cow product adverts over the years. I had heard of Enrico Caruso through my grandparent (my dad’s parent) 78rpm record collection though. Even though I have no real link to this the emotional hook is huge, really pulling at the heart strings.

St. Louis Blues – Bessie Smith

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